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Back from Japan Auction & Sale part 2!

Looks like I have more stuff that I need to get rid off, please give these guys a new home~ thank you!

Auctions will end on Tuesday April 15th at 9 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).
Countdown Timer here
Final bid does not include shipping and fees.
• I was granted sales permission by lineaalba in 8/18/2008
• All community rules apply
• Please bid in increments of at least $1.00
• Prices do not include shipping and fees
• No sniping, no deleting bids.
• No holds.
• I ship worldwide from California, USA.
• I only accept Paypal.
• My feedback can be found HERE.


Shiny beasts individual charms start at $5 each

Tepig Pin start at $2
Gyarados pin start at $3
Gastly pin start at $3
Caterpie Metal Stamp Clip start at $2
Ivysaur pin start at $3
Charmander pin start at $3
Squirtle pin start at $3

Metal keychains all starts at $5

Lugia coin from 1999 Japan Rail promo start at $5

Moltres charm/strap start at $3

Pokemon coin Notebook start at $5

Pokecen Sylveon Mascot Orangen Glitter Pen start at $4

Sylveon cleaner strap start at $5

Sylveon Sequence Embroidered keychain start at $10

N metal keychain start at $6

Sylveon, Eevee and Pikachu pressed coin #1 start at $3
Sylveon, Eevee and Pikachu pressed coin #2 start at $3

Vivillon, Fletchling and Flabébé pressed coin start at $3

PokePark exclusive Mudkip metal key chain start at $8

All kids start at $2

Battle Coins – Furret (slightly rusted on the edge) start at $3.
Zapdos start at $5, Haunter (slightly rusted) start at $2, Xatu start at $5.

Eevee plush pen start at $10

Jolteon UFO plush MWT start at $10

Leafeon UFO plush MWT start at $10

Direct Sales!

Mewtwo Kuji Kyun Chara Figure + Diorama Set $18 OBO

Kyun Chara Ichiban kuji figure $9 each.
SOLD:Charizard, Eevee

Mega-badges $4 each.
SOLD: Mega-Scizor

Pokemon Battle Trozei flyer (about 10" x 14") $4 each.
4in stock ALL SOLD!

Adidas Japan Soccer team with Pokemon sticker sheet $3 each.
4 1 in stock

Pokemon XY movie sticker $3 each.
4 2 in stock

Gliscor Mewtwo coin $3, Reshiram and Zekrom Coin $1.

Pikachu earphone (New, still in package) $10.

Eevee Friends figure $5 each

Only Pikachu left!

Please do not comment until the auction threads are up. Ok let's bid!
Tags: auction, combusken, eeveelutions, entei, figures, flabebe, fletchling, furret, haunter, jolteon, leafeon, lugia, mewtwo, moltres, mudkip, pikachu, plush, raichu, raikou, sales, suicune, sylveon, vaporeon, vivillion, xatu, zapdos
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