devi_white (devi_white) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Secret Swap gets!

After much waiting and anticipation, my secret swap present has finally arrived! Come take a look!

My partner was nysaurus! And LOOOOK! LIONS! <333 For oh so long I've wanted to start collecting the electric lions, then gen 6 comes along and gives me FIRE lions too! Oh I can help myself no longer! Look how CUTE they are! Upon opening the present an seeing those round smishy plush ears, my heart was filled with joy. A lovely Shinx and my first Litleo item! These guys are so much cuter in person! And while I admired them lovingly I got to eat some yummy candy! I couldn't have asked for more!
Thank you so much nysaurus! I'm sorry I was difficult to shop for, but you hit the nail right on the head with these guys! They have sparked the lion collecting frenzy that will soon begin once I settle into my new home! <3
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