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SALES!!! newly-released XY attack kids, can badges, and more!

hey guys! today I have some newly released XY attack kids, can badges, bromide cards and some reduced price items from my previous sales :) check it out!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 1/3/2011

Feedback can be found here

please read before buying!

  • I ship from the US

  • I accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash (AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!)

  • Domestic shipping starts at ~$2.50, international shipping starts at ~$7

  • I am willing to hold item for 24 hours but will pass it on to the next person afterward if payment is not received

  • haggling is OK but priority goes to those willing to pay the listed price

  • Please don't back out of the transaction or I will be an angry squirrel

  • Please put your LJ username and all items you purchased in in the paypal note!! THIS HELPS EVERYTHING RUN SO SMOOTHLY!!!!

pokemon XY attack kid figures (I have multiples of each, so unless the name has a strike through it, it's available)

NOTE: the boxes will be opened and flattened to prevent them from being smashed. if you would like them to be shipped a different way, please let me know!

fennekin - $5
chespin - $5
froakie - $5
sylveon - $6
helioptile - $5
gogoat - $5
fletchling - $5
pancham - $5
inkay - $5
litleo - $5
noivern - $5

XY ensky can badges (I have multiples of each, so unless the name has a strike through it, it's available)

fennekin - $4
chespin - $4
pikachu - $2
dedenne - $4
sylveon - $7
froakie - $4
bunnelby - $3
hawlucha - $7
noivern - $5
fletchling -$3

bromide cards (I have multiples of some) - $2 each (these are thick cards that came blind packaged with gum. they have a sparkly surface that is hard to capture in pictures)
note: when ordering these cards, please identify the letter of the set it comes from and specify who's on the card!

these kids are $4 each or 3 for $10
vivillon x2
spritzee x3
talonflame x3
swirlix x3
spewpa x2
blastoise x2

pokemon XY metal tags

pikachu x3 - $2 each
chespin x3 - $3 each
fennekin x4 - $3 each
froakie x4 - $3 each
dedenne x1 - $4 (on hold for shastina4ever)
inkay x2 x1- $4 each
pumpkaboo x1 - $5
espurr x2 - $5 each (1 on hold for lone_enigma, 1 on hold for shastina4ever)
meowstic x2 - $5 each (1 on hold for shastina4ever)
noivern x2 x1 - $5 each sold out
flabebe x3 x2 - $3 each
pancham x1- $4
bunnelby x3- $3 each
clauncher x4- $3 each
skrelp x3- $3 each
vivillon x3- $3 each (1 on hold for lone_enigma)
skiddo x4- $3 each
xerneas x8- $3 each
yveltal x2- $3 each (1 on hold for lone_enigma)
mega Mewtwo Y x4 - $3 each
mega Blaziken x4 - $4 each
chesnaut x2 - $4 each
delphox x4- $4 each
greninja x4- $4 each

barboach/whiscash zukan not available
grimer/muk zukan - $15
froakie chupa figure - $3

psychic/ghost type selection pouch - $12 (on hold for kurukimi)

type focus A5 notebooks (has gridded sheets)
water/ice notebook - $8

chansey with you badge - $2
fennekin with you badge - $2 (on hold for kurukimi)

helioptile  keychain - $7
helioptile tomy figure - $5
helioptile cell phone strap - $8

A4 clear files - $5 each (these clear files bend easily, so if you order another item with the clear file, they may warp a bit. I can ship separately for an additional shipping charge. just let me know if you want it shipped separately!)

(dedenne on hold for shastina4ever)

pokemon center shopping bag (I have several of these. some of them have wrinkles and small holes from being used) - FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE OF $5 OR MORE until I run out, just ask for one!

Thanks for looking!

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