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birthday wishes~~

whew, i was going to post this a while ago, but I kept on forgetting until right before bedtime;;; my birthday is actually tomorrow (ahhhh 22!!) and my mom is letting me buy myself a few things! *u* of course, I'm not expecting to get any packages by tomorrow since that would be pretty impressive, haha.

anyways, I thought i would take the opportunity to ask for some items I've wanted for a long time! all these plushes are very high priority!! I would really appreciate any help~ Pictures were snagged off google. Please let me know if you'd like them taken down!!


-Entei Tomy plush!! The last few have gone for $20-35 before shipping and that's how much I'm looking to purchase one MWT for! *u*
-Musical Emolga plush! I've also seen these go for the $20-30 range and I would like one MWT~
-Banpresto Luxray! He last went in a GA for $25 and after some digging, found a few that sold for under $40! He does not need to have his hang tag as long as the plush itself is in very good condition! I was hoping to spend probably $35 before shipping?
-Shimmery Luxray! I'm unsure how much this one's going for, but I've seen him go for $30-ish in the past. Again, he doesn't need his hang tag as long as he's in fairly good condition!

I am also looking for the Sylveon Tomy Friends figure! Looking to pay about $5 for this one~ a few more wants are the fairy type focus memo pad (not the notebook!), Emolga with you badge, sylveon face binder clip and eeveelution movie cookie tin! also, please feel free to offer Entei, Emolga, Luxray and Sylveon things in general! *u*

the xy can badge group buy has been cancelled due to lack of claims. :c

finally, thanks for everybody's help with my sales! *u* I still have a bunch of items looking for new homes, so please check it out~ I have lowered prices on some items further, and again, all offers will be considered.

Tags: emolga, entei, fennekin, fletchling, froakie, group buy, luxray, pikachu, sylveon, wanted
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