Syminka (syminka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Spring Swap Gets!

I got a lovely package from revarrie today! I remember them posting about their eevee plush that had no nose! <3 Anyway, let me show you the awesome, adorableness I received!! I love it <3 <3

First thing I noticed was this member did their research. My favorites are all here!
A precious eevee!? It must be my Spring Swap!

My favorite eeveelution chatting it up with the best electric mouse ever!

Here is my wonderful note with more adorable artwork. That eevee just makes me smile.

And here it is!!! My gift! Gorgeous custom artwork. And look....eevee has his little smug sunglasses ohmygoshicantbelieveitsocute. Chubby little chubachu!
Thanks so much. Your attention to detail really means a lot. I love it. I will hang it on my wall once I get an adequate frame <3 I already have a spot picked out.

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