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Shiny Sticker and a Heaping Helping of Eevee'lus Sales Post

I'm moving =3 Finally! Lol. I've been packing for what feels like months now, but I finally gave notice to my landlord for a moveout date next month. I got a lot of new things that need to be homed I don't want to take with me, and stuff keeps coming in the mail D: I have to let my post office know I'm movng, lol.


- I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.
- I ship on Mondays, from Japan. Free shipping for orders that totaling 5$ or more. I will cover paypal fees, too, if your order is 5$ or more.
- Insurance and tracking is an extra 2$.
- Items are new, unless otherwise noted, and come from a smoke and pet free home.
- I accept Paypal & concealed cash. In the case of the latter, it's for US buyers only and I must receive the cash in hand before shipping.
- Please pay within 24hrs after receiving total and payment information. If you need more time, I can do holds for up to a week.
- Please do not contact me for sales via PM. I rarely check my PMs, so I can totally miss anything sent via PM.
- I ship using bubble mailers (or a box for a little extra).
- I'm not responsible for fees incurred by customs.
- Priority goes to who committed first.
- Click on pictures to view them in a larger size.
- Auction ends April 16th, at 12pm JST time. (Countdown timer here)
- Haggling is okay!

XY Wafer Stickers: there are 24 Stickers in 1 Set. I have 2 Sets.Each sticker is holo. If you turn the sticker over, some groups of sticker backings make a larger picture.
1 Set is BIN for 40$
1 Set is for Auction and Starts @ 5$

I <3 Eevee 12cm Keychain Plush: there are 8 plush in this collection. I have 2 complete sets and different amounts of individual plush.
1 Set is BIN for 100$ shipped
1 Set is for Auction and Starts @ 10$
Individual Plush are 16$ each and I have multiples of each 'vee except for Espeon and Leafeon.

XY Can Badges. I have multiples unless otherwise noted.
Bunnelby - 3$
Hawlucha - 2$
Dedenne - 2$
Fletchling - 2$
Noivern - 3$
Pikachu - 2$
Chespin - 3$
Froakie - 3$
Fennekin - 3$
Sylveon - 4$
*some of these badges are still waiting payment. If those fall through, they will become available again =3


XY Bromide Cards. I have two other boxes to open, but I want to sell some of my already opened cards before opening anymore packs.
Each card is 2$ each. Buy 3, get 2 free.

I Love Pikachu Raichu and Pichu ID Case. Brand new, but don't have paper tags because the arcade I won them in removes them.
Pichu - 10$
Raichu - 15$

Pokemon XY Gum & Sticker Sheet: there are 8 stickers on each sheet. The left picture is the front of the sheet and the right picture shows the backs of the sheet. There are different pokemon ordered in each strand of gum and the same pokemon on the sticker sheet may not necessarily be pictured on the gum. Each Sheet is 4$ each.
Front & Back:
Sylveon Sheet x 5
Pikachu Sheet x5 x4
Xernes Sheet x5

Front & Back
Snorlax Sheet x5
Absol Sheet x5 x4
Gogoat Sheet x5
Glaceon Sheet x5

Sylveon Face Stamp x1 - 10$ Sold

Sylveon Attack Kid x 1. Free with any purchase over 25$

*I'll be on 4.12 in the morning JST time to respond to comments/update those who's packages have shipped, and if not shipped yet, when they will ship.
Tags: auction, eevee, kids, pikachu, sales, sylveon
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