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Tomy, Auldey and Hasbro differences

This is a post for all the Tomy collectors. =) Yesterday I received a package full of MIP Auldey Tomy figures. I got them to replace some of my scuffed figures. However, opening them and comparing them, I noticed a lot of differences! I know some of you want to collect all the different releases and I thought this information might be helpful!

The Hasbro releases are on the left and the Auldey releases are on the right.
pokemon 001
pokemon 002
The Hasbro releases have a lot of white shading going on. Like with Pidgey on the feathers on ther head. The Auldey releases have a lot less, or don't have them at all. The Hasbro Tomy has a sligthly different colored beak and talons. Plus, the beak is pointier.
pokemon 003
Here we have Pidgeot. The Hasbro has a small yellow triangle. On the Auldey, it is pink.
pokemon 004
This is a difference all of them seem to have! The Auldey releases all have a straight tail, whereas the Hasbro has it to the side.
pokemon 005
Same with Raticate.
pokemon 007
This is also a big difference. Look at the markings! On the Hasbro they are much larger/wider.
pokemon 008
The stripe on the neck goes much further on the Hasbro.
pokemon 011
Psyduck's beak is lighter on the Auldey.
pokemon 012
The picture doesn't show this differences as good as in real life. But the Auldey Arcanine has a lighter, more yellowish color.
pokemon 013
Again, the tail difference.
pokemon 014
The Auldey Poliwag has the tail much closer to the body.
pokemon 015
Again, the tail.
pokemon 016
They Auldey has a much darker neck colar.
pokemon 017
And this Seaking XD. The lips on the Auldey are much pinker.
pokemon 018
The horn is also much more orange and isn't as pointy as the Hasbro one.

In general I have to say I like the Hasbro releases a lot more. They seem to have a more precise paintjob and did a better job with the expression of the faces.
Now I'm not sure which ones I should keep XD.
If you know any notable differences between releases, please share!
Anyway, I have a collecting update and a sales post coming up (containing the double Tomy figures and more).
Thank you for reading.
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