shastina4ever (shastina4ever) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Battle Museum GA

Hello and today sleepypikachu and I bring you this awesome GA :D


  • All of the latest GA rules apply.

  • No sniping allowed. An extension of 5 minutes will be applied in such cases.

  • Backing out/editing/deleting your bids is also not allowed. This will result in negative feedback.

  • Payments are made via PayPal and by USD currency only.

  • Please bid in at least $1 increments.

  • There will be Three payments - first will be payment of item + shipping to middleman, second will be shipping from Middleman warehouse to me, and last shipping from me to you :))

  • GA will end on April 12 at 6am PST

  • Count down timer here:

GA host details: <3


I will be claiming both Dunsparce and Ditosparce for $10 and willing to go higher!
sleepypikachu will be claiming Pikachu for 3$ and willing to go higher as needed.

we may also bid on items at anytime while this GA is running.

Please dont bid until after all the threads are up! :)
Threads are up, bid away <3

WE WON!!!! with some discounts too! :D keep an eye out for payment 1 in the next couple days :D

Also first sales post <3 link here:
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