fluna_daiyunel (fluna_daiyunel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kans and comm Kids gets!

So thanks to the comm... now I'm addicted to collecting Kids and Zukan. And here I thought my collection focus would only be plushes forever and more XD;

[Kans]Last week I got many cool Zukan, and yesterday I got the two I needed to complete the DP11 Zukan collection! 8D (I also emptied the coin machine, I'm hoping for them to refill it soon XD)

I had a hard time arranging the Slow family... they wouldn't fit on their stand! And Slowking liked to keep beheading himself whenever I touched him |D;

[Comm Kids]And today the mail lady ran my door with my very awaited second comm package!
Zoroark was my first comm get from chromapika and all the other Kids behind (the ones that arrived today) come from helloskitty! I had to fight the tape around the bubblewrap to free them!
I'm sure you can see a pattern there (except from Pachirisu)... I'm collecting Dark and Ghost types! x3 I got especially excited for the Drifloon, I saw someone from the comm get one and then I knew I needed one for myself (I'm pretty fond of the Ghost balloon, I have friends who call me "Floons" after it XD).

I need to let my wallet rest... and after it's rested I'll keep on hunting for lovely merch here in the comm! <3
Tags: gets, zukan
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