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So, this morning I awake to the mailman beating on my door! Grumpily, I get out of bed and trudge to the door. She hands me a package... and I IMMEDIATELY get excited!

Keep in mind this all has just happened about 15 minutes ago, and now here I am posting this hehehehe<3

At first, I didn't know what I was getting, and then I saw the stamps! Must be the SSS gift! :D YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM skdjfn;okgwepkf'sf

Upon opening it, I am ALREADY freaking out by what I see!!!!

First, I open this sweet letter, and it unveils that my SSS gifted was firevie!

Then, I open this. I AM FREAKING FREAKING FREAKING out! LOOK HOW MAJESTIC AND AMAZING HE LOOKS! GAAAHHHH sdofkjd;ofj;lfg I've been wanting this for a while! OHMYGLOB. Firevie, you OUTDID yourself! I'm already blown away, and so friggin happy!!!!

AND THIS. THIS PLUSH. ;osdgik;aeorkgfnmrlk It's too much! You've spoiled me! Look at the Eggxecute. And the Pika. Marill. And Togepi. OMG OMG OMG. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVEEEE it!

But that's not all! Already excited, I open some bubble wrap, and out comes this cutie patootie! WAHH. GROWLY<3

But we're not done yet!!! THIS VULPIX CHIBI STAMPER! slidfjn;oeijfno; STAHP. It's too much! She even came in a little Pokeball capsule!

And finally, there's more! A super cute and pretty holo Skitty sticker. SO SHINY! A holo Vulpix, I've never seen before! It's more gorgeous in person! And, a Manectric and Mightyena sticker!

Here they are all together!!! firevie, you outdid yourself. I'm completely blown away by what you gave me; I feel so spoiled! I definitely don't have doubles of anything you gave me! I cannot show you how excited I am through text -- I just can't describe!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <33333
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