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Spring Cleaning Finds

Spring is finally here, though for how long is unsure as it snowed today. In other news I have started my spring cleaning, and in doing so have found some things I had forgotten about. I also got a few boxes! Mostly full of cute Eevees of course. I'm also getting a new setup for my collection which I can't wait for! It'll be so nice to have them properly displayed.

First off, the gets. Of course the Eevees. I love my palm top eevee, she sounds so cute, and I hate to leave her because she sounds oh so sad when I do almost like "Hey, where'd you go?" But I don't want to kill her battery, that'd be even more sad.. I'm also happy because I finally got the chibi Mew figure. It's so cute and getting Mew anything is hard to do for me since Eevees take up most of my money, but it was a must! I am missing a few things in this pic as they did get packed away. I got a Sylveon sticker the Banpresto Glaceon keychain and the cute Eevee bell strap(x2)(had to get one to use).

Some cool pulls and favourite pokemon from the pulls, I couldn't fit all my faves so I picked a few. Magikarp looks so magestic, he totaly deserves to be holo.

Xerneas looks so pretty and rainbowy on this card, I absolutly love it.

Now for the things I found while cleaning. Cute little mareep and Jigglypuff, I remember wanting to buy everything pokemon when I was little. I do miss when it was super popular and almost everywhere you went sold something pokemon related. Hopefully one day it will be that way again. Next are some sticker also from way back, I picked out my favourite ones from my sticker book I found. (I think I might like fire types alot...). And lastly this random Rayquaza box I bought like a year and a half ago. It looks pretty cool and I kinda wish i had gotten a second.

This is why. So much random stuff! Lots of stickers to put everywhere action flips and some random pog thingies, I only opend one pack of them and got super lucky as it had Umbreon! I was so happy about that. I'm tempted to open the rest because there's more of my fave pokemon but I'm unsure if I should. Then we have random cards from different languages. Theres english and I THINK German and French. Just so much random stuff in that box!

Close Up


Thankyou for taking the time to look, Feel free to let me know if you think I should open the rest or keep them sealed and Have a wonderful day~

Just a quick couple wants, I'm still looking for MWT (red tag) minky Flareon and Espeon pokedolls, any help is apreciated, thank you<3
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