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My first community gets + other gets :)

Hello guys! :)

Today, the last plushie of my first orders from the community arrived! That means I can finally make a gets post! :D
I always look through all sales posts and must hold myself back from buying what I'd like to have. Could be that I just have no real direction of what Pokemon plushies I want to collect. It's more like: This is so cool/cute/fluffy I need to have it in my life. :D

Anyway, since this is common, here's a little preview:
SNIVY! Please, not again! :D I know you're crazy about cameras, but please... I'm trying to do a photo shoot. :O

Okay, here is an overview of my community gets.
We have a Palkia pokedoll, a lying Tomy Piplup, a little Jakks Bonsly and a cute derpy friends Eevee (still looking more like a Flareon if you ask me :D). These come from baconscreation. Thanks so much, I love them! <3
The TY Snivy comes from risibee. I've been looking for this one a long time before joining the community. I was so happy finding her here!! :) As you've noticed, she loves cameras. :D
Aaand last but not leat we have a Snorlax pokedoll from soiledpoetry. He is just great, I just have to share with you how he looked like when he arrived today. :DDD
Little note: Please give me some feedback, I already left you some, too. :)))

The package must've opened itself during transfer, Snorlax's head even looked out. :D Luckily the German post put it into a plastic bag.

He looks like he's lying in a bed or a bedroll. <3

Just look at his face. <333 Too cute! *-* I'm really glad I bought him, he was even a bit bigger than I imagined.

Snorlax and the Hasbro bros!! <3 Coming soon to a cinema in your neighbourhood!! :P
This is hilarious, isn't it?? :D

Next up we have a few other non-community gets. There are used Jakks Buizel and Chatot, a KFC Seel and a (sadly) bootleg Substitute. I asked for it's legitimacy in my previous post with detailed pics:

And then, we have HER. She came from ebay about two weeks ago, and I'm still so impressed about her beauty. <3 Even my dad (normally making fun of his 20-year old daughter collecting Pokemon plush) admitted he liked her. That was crazy! :O
I named her Dark Angel, after my Absol in Pokemon X.
I actually made a little unboxing photo story about her on my LJ page - take a look if you want:

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment! :)
Have a nice day/evening/morning/whatever! <333
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