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A stranger appears with Spring Swap gets...:D

I can't believe it has been over a year since I last posted here!! I guess I should start with a small introduction of sorts? I'm pheonixxfoxx, which is a tad obvious and I have been a member of this community since 2007. Truth be told, I am a rather shy individual and I lurk more then anything. At one point my main collecting focus was items of Suicune. Money got tight and I had to give up most of my butt ribbons. I still have a nice collection of Team Rocket (Giovanni & Persian included), Giratina Origin, Purugly and Purrloin items.

My SSS person was ushigofasweet, whose package reached my door on Saturday. I was awoken from a deep sleep (I was battling a migraine) by a knock at the door. By the time I answered, the mail carrier was gone...but there was a package sitting there for me. I didn't recognize who it was from, so that only meant one of two things, I had a stalker (yeah right)  or it was my SSS gift.

Upon opening the package, which I wasted no time doing, I was greeted by...

SSS Gets

...the cutest custom made Scatterbug I had ever seen. For some reason, I have fallen head over heels in love with Scatterbug. So much so, that my in game one, Scribbles is not allowed to evolve! In fact, he is at level 100 now and helped me take down Yveltal and the Elite Four. Here is a pic of Scribbles...


He's my partner in crime, LOL!! XD

Later on, I tried my hand at chaining. After getting the hang out it, I became successful on numerous occasions. One of my 1st success was, this cutie:


Meet Squiggles...:3

I don't have to many Scatterbug items in my collection as of right now. Accept for the Japanese PC plush, Kids Figure and a couple charms. Thanks to ushigofasweet, I now have the coin too!


There was also a note included on the back of the little painting they did:


I don't just like my new friend, I love her! I just need to think of a name, both my in game Scatterbugs are boys. Besides, I already have a Scribbles:


Looks like he has made a new friend too...<3

No post by me would be complete without...



I do plan on becoming a little more active in the community again in the near future. I have a chance to visit Japan this October, hooray!! Only downside, it will cost me money. I'll be listing a few random lots of Pokemon merchandise on eBay real soon. Also, I'll be offering some of my custom creations to raise funds:

Mew Final - Group

As those who know me will tell you, I very rarely sell any of my art. I have one more pendant to create and I will then be listing guys here on pkmncollectors auction style! So, stay tuned...:3

Thanks again ushigofasweet for the lovely SSS gifts!

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