methuselah31010 (methuselah31010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I Got My SSS Gift Today, Too!

Today seems to be full of mail for the comm in general! I, too, received my SSS gift today. Mine is from korth ! Click the cut to see!

First is some delicious candy! That chocolate maze is great, and I've almost finished half the jellybeans already. :P And I'm just now realizing after looking at the photo that those eggs are in face carrots, and not oddly-green-legged-hatching chicks. Haha

Nest is...

Rubber band bracelets! I work at a craft store and these seem to be the big thing now, and these are definitely the coolest I've seen yet. And look at that bottom one!! That's a PokeBall on it! How cool is that?! That one may end up as a collar for a plush. :3

And I saved the coolest for last...

BLAZIKEN TROZEI PILLOW. AHHHHH. Did you know that Trozei is my favorite spin-off game, or what?! This is amazing! I love it!! Blaziken has the cutest Trozei sprite (okay, I may be a bit biased...), and now I can hug him while I continue to play the game constantly. :D Thanks so much, Korth!!

Tags: blaziken, collection update, events

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