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A PokemonSP get!

A few months ago I pre-ordered a copy of the Pokemon Special comics thinking it was something else entirely. But I got it today and I do not regret my decision at all because it came with this:


The adventures of Electrode, Deoxys, and Swalot? Well ok then. Let us explore their antics together!

This... was not what I was expecting at all.XD
The book is artwork from the Pokemon SP mangas! It covers all the generations and is actually pretty awesome!

Paging all Gold fans! That means you hebilea.

I wanted to picture almost every other page in the book but I'll end my post with some Gen6 goodness.

I felt a compelling urge to share some of the pages from this books since 1) it is perfect for the manga fans and 2) the cover is misleading as heck.

I'll have an actual update soon...ish, maybe? As soon as my awesome custom of epicness arrives (which places the update between the end of April and the end of time. yup).
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