ladysheik (ladysheik) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Purchasing cards...

Hello community~
I'm wondering if bootleg Pokemon cards exist? I've seen so many Absol cards going for great prices online, but I'm worried that they might not be authentic...? I wanted to ask you amazing people before I take the risk... I'm trying to expand my teensy, tiny, Absol collection, ha ha. ^-^


I'm going to have to give my Absol TOMY a new horn and tail...

It's time I pushed a little to make progress.

On another note, I've made a Shiny Suicune clay model for my own collection, for modeling and painting practice. I'm planning on making Shiny Entei and Shiny Raikou too, so she won't be alone, since I have another block of clay to use. I don't know which one of the two to make first.

Here's some photos of her~!

DSCN8253 DSCN8256 DSCN8259

Made with DAS air dry clay. There is copper wire inside the head's crest. Painted with Acrylics.
I still haven't painted her eyes on yet, since I'm too scared I may ruin it even more. I'm planning on repainting her diamonds and body...

Thanks for reading, and, have a nice day!

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