Erika (serenitysamaa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pearler friends

Hey everyone! Just a small update to my collection, I took a few minutes and made myself a pearler mareep sprite today! I had been looking for a large peg board since I had bought the beads months ago, and when I went to Michaels today for some felt they had one pack left of the big boards. Well, there was a couple gigantic boards as well, but I didn't really think I needed one that big.

It was my first pearler guy I made, I need to practice my ironing a bit more but I like how he came out.

That's about it, I'd like to make more of other pokemon to maybe do some fun custom trades, would anyone be interested in that? I have a bunch of templates saved and I really want to make more haha.
Tags: mareep
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