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A few gets + Want to share collection website links ? + Updated sales

Hello everyone o/
No new Shiny Pokémon to show you this time (so unlucky ><)

So here is a preview of my gets

But before I'd like to suggest you something :)
I like seeing nice collection websites and I want to add some links on mine.
So if you want to share links, just send me your banner with your collection website URL,
and add mine to the links on your website (URL: banner:

And now let's see my little gets o/

¤ from Sunyshore
Dedenne: I don't know if it's in my mind but I see some green reflections on his body (even if we can't really see it in the picture lol)
Swirlix: Perhaps the little disappointment of the package :/ It has a nice face and his material seemed original, but actually it is much less soft than what I thought (the others with regular minky are softer).
Inkay: This style suits him so well <3 (and it changes from the repetitive design of the other Inkay plushies...)
Litleo: Just perfect !!! Those eyes and those chops *O*
Clauncher: Too cute with his hypertrophied clamp ^^ And I love his blue.
And of course, the awesome Mega Evolutions. M-Absol is so majestic <3 And I love M-Ampharos' hair and colors :3

¤ from AmiAmi
Nothing special to say. Inkay is funny ^^ And I think that Noivern is my favorite one.

¤ And a special get from fluna_daiyunel
Why special ?
1) because it's a virtual get.
2) because it's a gift from a buyer!
So, muchas gracias again for this really beautiful Shiny Arbok <3

Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(XY Kimewaza Kids + still lots of discounts)
Tags: absol, ampharos, arbok, dedenne, inkay, litleo, swirlix

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