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69 Metals GA Ends in One Day! ^^

A quick reminder that the 69 Metal Figures GA is ending tomorrow, Thursday 9PM (PDT).

Most metal figures still have no bids or are still at their starting bids! To garner a victory net, we'll need more bids! Or else... Wish us luck! :D

Click the image or link to go.

AND, to make this post a little more interesting, I'd like to you introduce you to my Silver Metal Figures featuring the Hoenn Water-types, Kyogre, Feebas, Relicanth, Whiscash, and Sharpedo!!

Relicanth is my most cherished! But I love 'em all <3

And not a sales post, but if participants want some kids figures, finger puppets, or screen cleaners, I'm thinking of letting some of these go, and I'll think about how I will price-tag them if we win the GA. Pics here. (Pics aren't updated though)
Tags: feebas, group auction, kyogre, metal figures, relicanth, sharpedo, whiscash
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