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Hi everyone! Since I've recently rearranged my newest (and largest) XY collection, I thought it was about time to finally show them off~

So when I first saw the new squid dudes I thought "finally some really cute squids omg awesome" but I wasn't planning to collect either of them in the beginning. Fast forward to when tokyo bay center opened and cute inkay goods suddenly appeared....I stood strong and decided not to give into temptation. fast forward again to my trip in japan last summer and I meet all the cute inkay goods in person and I finally caved ._. hahaha. It wasn't much later until it was announced that inkay was having its OWN PROMO and I kinda freaked out!!! a pokemon I collected having its own promo? no way. but it was true. I had to face the facts. pokecen wasn't squidding around I needed as much from this promo I could get. and so here they are, my precious squids:

Inkay is now my biggest collection! none of my favorite pokemon have much merchandise unfortunately. Collecting a pokemon that is receiving so much attention merch-wise is new and exciting and overwhelming haha. but its fun!!!

some closeups:

aaand all of the official plush (I think)! the life-size plush and DX ufo don't fit on my shelf for obvious reasons so they reside up on top, above the rest of the inkays. the pokedoll is my favorite plush!!!!! possibly even my favorite pokedoll ever! I need atleast 2 more, I think. and maybe a shiny version. >:) Also zucker the animal crossing octopus is visiting b/c he's another cephalopod that I adore. bloop.

I'm still missing quite a few things, but for now I'm quite pleased with my mind control squid collection. thanks for looking!!
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