CockatriceKING (chronidu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction Results!

 Congrats guys! We won the Auction!

Here is who won what!
shrines  - $6 - Raichu Kid 1, Winking 'Chu Kid 1
iammyworld  - $5 - Minun Kid, Jigglypuff Kid
goku_the_saru  - $24 - Azurill Kid, Bayleef Kid, Azumarill Kid, Winking 'Chu Kid 2, Marill Kid, Pichu Kid 1, Whismur Kid
pacificpikachu  - $4 - Totodile Kid, Raichu Kid 2
bergunty  - $2 - Clear! Charmeleon Kid
atateatarin  - $2 - Pidgeotto Kid
ashketchumgirl  - $2 - Jirachi Kid
yaoi_queen  - $2 - Caterpie Kid
Shipping will be decided as soon as the package arrives and I pack and weigh everything. I am going to try and give a discount on all shipping as well, since I really couldn't have done this without you guys!
To the winners, you can either elect to pay the current prices now and then pay for shipping when the package arrives, or you can wait to pay the one lump sum of Kids+Shipping. Payments prefered threw paypal. My paypal is rei_briefs [at], if you chose to pay now please include your LJ user name, amount, and the figures you won, as well as the address to ship to!  

Congrats again everyone!
Tags: group auction
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