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Recent gets

So it's spring, the cherrims are blooming, the buneary are frolicking, and the Starly are singing their little songs, which can only mean one thing!
It's finally not freezing cold out, which means that I can actually go exploring again.
Last week, I took a couple trips into Seoul to see what I could find at nearby shops.

First off, I love gachapons. They're addictive and fun. Like gambling, but you always get a prize.

I was so happy when i got the kalos starters zukan, after getting maybe 5 yvetals -_-

It's too bad poor little chespin can't stand up on his own. I don't know why he doesn't come with a stand like Fennekin.

Quite a haul! I kept trying on the phone charms until I got Fletchling. Xerneas is disassembled still, I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep him or not. The Pikachu is actually a little coin bank! He's made of rubber though, so the coin slot is a little wonky. The two tapes at the bottom are really cool. One of them is the Kalos starters with Pikachu (omg pikachu why are you even here), and the other one is a tape of the eeveelutions, including sylveon!

This thing is actually really cool. It's like legos, but suuuuper tiny. That grid in the background? Those are 1 inch squares. I think fully assembled bulba ends up being only a couple inches long. The other two thingies are erasers I got from a little blind ball thing.

Aaaaaaah Original 3 eeveelution socks. Jupithunder is a pretty cool name.

I also managed to find a bunch of stickers, but the real gem of what I found lately were this cuties:

They've since been packed up for travel to their new homes with some fellow comm members, but I'm still super happy I found them. Eevee is so adorable that i contemplated keeping it, even though generally the only plush I collect are pokedolls. The neck fluff is sooooo sooooooft <3

Now for some good ole Murican gets. I was so happy when this little beauty finally came in the mail:

A couple years back i got a really cool espeon that could use skills from other eeveelutions you had out on the field, and since then i've been working on making an eevee deck. So of course when I found out this existed, I jumped on it.

I actually got some decent cards from it.

These are all the shiny/holos that i got. I got some good non holo ones too but i didn't feel like taking pics of everything.

And what's that?

Not just one, but 2 shaymin EXs. So adorable! and a regi.

Sylveon would like to thank you all for looking :D
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