Taka-Kat (echizenakira) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Card collecting woes

Putting this under a cut, includes some rant.

Greetings, community. Life has gotten busier here and I am unable to check in as much as I would like.

You might remember me as that card collector, and I have gone somewhat less hardcore as the will to complete older sets drained out. I have tried to not spoil myself with set images until cards are actually all laid-out from my box, and since I got my last purchase here and am done classifying them, well..

I went to look at the Wild Blaze (was that it) set and I am sorry but.. what the actual heck IS with all those full arts!? How many of these are out there? I actually did pull the FA Pokemon Fan Club from my box, but that was... severely underwhelming. I mean.. come on...

I have ordered two boxes of the next expansion, but part of me feels like giving up, because really, this is becoming severely silly. The art on some of those it really nice, and part of me wants them all, but it is simply too daunting. Part of me sees this as them thinking everyone will want them and just cash in on extreme collectors to get whatever would just not even see a use.

I still do love the amazing art of these cards (I swear Golem's pose is epic) and every time I look at sets, I know I won't quit because I love the art, but this feels somewhat disheartening...

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