Evie the Snowy ✿ (eviesnow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Evie the Snowy ✿

My package caaaaaame!! :D

... It was stuck in customs. THAT was the problem. -.- I paid for it and then two days later it arrived and eeeeEEEEEEEEEE...



The Tyrunt I actually bought for my fiance, he loves him to bits. xD He's kinda shared though since I like Tyrunt too but he won't be sitting on my desk with the rest of my collection.


My Sylveon collection is slowly expanding. :3 I made a neat little wishlist on my page if anyone would like to take a look!


And here Litleo and Fennekin in their new homes. :3 Fennekin, of course, sits with my few other Fennekin figures and Braixen.
I also have a bunch of Eeveelution figures that sit next to my Sylveons that I forgot to take a photo of, but to be honest I was just wanting to show off my new things. :3

I was so impatient for these guys to arrive, I know. x___x And I was annoyed I had to pay a fee, but it was only with Royal Mail so it wasn't bad. I'll remember to buy one thing at a time in the future to avoid these fees. x'D
I bought them from hobby_japan on eBay and I'm probably going to be getting the Braixen plush at some point as well as both Keldeo Pokedolls and the plush. After I buy my Charizard Y from Sunyshore that is. :3
I can't wait to get paid on the 22nd... xD

But please quickly take a look at my page, I made a tidy little Sylveon wishlist that I think looks quite nice and if anyone can help me find the best and cheapest place to get those items, I'd love you forever.
Or even if you have anything yourself that you'd like to sell to me, that would be awesome too. :D

Edit: In case anyone's confused/wondering, since in the last photo the two Pokedolls do look pretty large behind the figures, the Fennekin and Litleo are both Pokedolls, the Tyrunt is a regular PokeCenter plush and Sylveon is the teeny-tiny PokeCenter mascot plush.
They all came wrapped nicely in a PokeCenter bag and the seller kindly glad me a Battle Trozei postcard too. :D
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