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Sales n Whatnot part 2

I lost my job so I have to sell everything to make rent. Everything here is OBO and I ship from Florida. Prices do not include tracking unless asked. Everything that was bought before has been shipped out

Also for sale is a My Little Ponyta shirt and various pony stuff in my journal

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:

 photo sales422014copy.jpg

 photo 20140402_115029.jpg
 photo 20140402_115040.jpg

Zorua small plush $5 OBO

 photo 20140402_110514copy.jpg
Snivy + evolution plush = $7 together OBO
Fennekin Standing Pokemon Center: $18 OBO
Bulbasaur: $9 OBO
Chespin: $6 OBO
Pikachu: $5 OBO
Flareon DX: $23 shipped OBO
Latias pokedoll signed by Cristina Vee: $22 OBO
 photo 20140402_110251copy.jpg

Fennekin keychain: SOLD
Sylveon mini folder x3 $7 for all 3 OBO

 photo 20140402_111103copy.jpg
chespin stylus: $2

 photo copy.jpg
 photo 20140402_105231copy.jpg

Bag new in packaging : SOLD

 photo 20140402_105316.jpg
Fennekin Shirt Women's Small : $7 OBO

 photo 20140402_110125.jpg
Women's small : $7 OBO

 photo 20140402_112217.jpg

Women's small: $7 OBO

I also have some pony and adventure time things for sale in my journal here:

Thanks guys!

Tags: eeveelution, fennekin, flareon, ponyta, snivy, sylveon, vaporeon
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