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Gets! #lateupload

Okay, so I actually got these guys like one or two weeks ago but have yet to post them, so here they are~ better late than never! *Ignore teh hashtag lel*
update 7

**Click on the photos to be redirected to my collection site.**
update 6
First up, Eeveelution Canvas!! These guys are just perfect! I never thought I would be able to own them tbh. Most were just impulse buys :D but I have no regrets getting them. Vaporeon's fins are as always, appealing, and Flareon's fire/fur looks magnificent, but my favorite in this lot is Jolteon. Looks clean and simple just the way I like it.

update 5
Next up: Kuta Kuta plushies! I got them in a lot off eBay. I was surprised when I opened the box to see Ditto (I thought it was free) which was not supposed to be there, should be Lapras. Yes, it is a seller mistake, but we worked something out and here they are. I've always wanted a Ditto plush (both would be a good pair to have along the Ditto MPC coming out next month)

update 1
Now on to my Pokedolls!
Mismagius, I have always wanted one but missed out on it countless times, glad to finally snag one.
Poliwhirl! OH OH. I missed getting one back then for like $50, and I was shocked at how much it went for in the Mega Pokedoll Auction. I still can't believe I have this guy now.
Duskull and Weavile, kay, I sold my other Duskull and Weavile, good thing I was able to find a quick replacement xD
Mime Jr and Happiny, I dunno, I just wanted to get one of each with the star burst tag. =P

update 4
Oversized Pokedolls~ Pusle, Minun, Torchic and Piplup. these guys are so adorable!
Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar Mini Pokedoll Set - the box shows signs of shelf wear but I got them for a pretty decent price so I can't complain.

update 3
More Mini Pokedolls~ I just can't... now I just need the Mini Bulbasaur.
Piplup is a Micro, which was the last one I needed to complete the trio along with Turtwig and Chimchar.

update 2
Don't forget Pikachu! Ya'll know what this guy looks like xD

You can view larger individual photos on my collection site:

Thanks for looking!!
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