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The grail of ALL grails, a seven year search

I have searched far and wide for one of these for 7 long years and thanks to that search I found the com and made many great friends aarux, dragonrider49 and fruitmania34 to name a few and I am glad that this has lead me to all this
 photo IMG_5971_zpsb36c59f5.jpg
do you know what it is?

here is a small photo story thing for it, sorry no other pokemon are in it I was too excited
 photo IMG_5966_zpscfdcb5b2.jpg
That's a big box what's in it?
 photo IMG_5965_zps3fa062da.jpg
(head pops out and angelic choir music begins to play)
 photo IMG_5967_zps5c7dda32.jpg
Yup it's a mythical Giant Pokemon Center Lugia and here is the story and back story on it
my search for one of these began years ago with an issue of pokemon fan and it had a giant pokemon center Raikou in it and from that moment I wanted one bad then a month ago in Kentucky I found this gem for sale and I couldn't believe my eyes there was one for sale for 10$ TEN DOLLARS, 1,000 Pennies, I just about fainted, here in Maine at even at goodwill they would have charged at least 15$, though in the end with shipping it cost me 50$ but it is the best 50$ I have ever spent

now a question does anyone know what this thing on it's neck is for it's stitched on in two places?
 photo IMG_5970_zpsb02b30fe.jpg
also to at least put something dragon related in here, this is a picture of my custom made designed by me 3D printed dragonite figure, not done of course though
 photo imagejpg1_zpsfd31ad04.jpg

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