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My trade arrived! :3


Long story short a kind youtuber: Dragon Lax and me traded, Yay for weebly. hehe. x3

So after a little wait the packaged arrived this morning, YAY!
My mother ended up answering the door and of course (opened) my package -apparently the bottom was easy to open. Huh, so she left it on my twins' shrunk. I told him to pass the box up and so and behold these are the contents that were found inside.

So. Let's see what I got! :D
(I was still in bed when I got the package haha, I live on a top of a bunk bed) ;-;


The trade was for this awesome Mega Ampharos plush <3
EHH, I'm so happy! Look at how it pushed it back out, he is like: Look at me, I'm so fabulous! *3*

He was so nice not only did he also gave me a nice note but a cute Pikachu plush that I have never seen before, apparently it used to hold candy... It was neat. My family love it, except for my pa.... sigh.
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