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The gang's all here! Gets from New York!

About three weekends ago, my sister took a trip to New York City to visit one of our friends that moved there (I could have gone too but I had school and didn't want to pay for the plane ticket). While she was there, I forced her to take a trip to Nintendo World for me! I told her exactly what I wanted and sent her along with photos on her phone. After that, I eagerly awaited my gets >:D

Unfortunately, the picture she sent me of what she picked up was... disappointing, to say the least. The first thing on my list was the Chespin pokedoll, and she had accidentally grabbed me one of the standard PokeCen Chespin plushies. Luckily she got the Froakie pokedoll right, but I still sent her back to Nintendo World for an exchange. She told me she talked to an employee, who said that I wasn't "an amateur" to be able to spot the difference between the standard plush and pokedoll. She was then told they were out of Chespin pokedolls and wouldn't be getting any more in until summer D:

My new Froakie pokedoll!

But then raichu_love became my knight in shining armor when she went to Nintendo World a week or so later and they somehow had more Chespin pokedolls in stock! I had told her I was disappointed about how I wasn't able to get one via my sister, so she grabbed one for me! I came in the mail last week, but I've been away at school, so I just opened my package today.

Chespin is here! He got a bit squished from being in the envelope so long, but that's okay!

So now, my collection of starter pokedolls is complete! The gang is finally finally finally all here!

My Froakie pokedoll also went on a little adventure last week. I had to give a ceremonial speech (an "ode to" speech) in my speech class, and I decided to give mine on the impact of Pokemon in my life! It was the best speech I've given this whole semester, and I brought Froakie along as an "example" of my newfound collecting. So he got shown off to a bunch of strangers.

It was so fun! And then I was challenged to a Pokemon battle by like half of my classmates XD

Anyhow, thanks a bunch for reading!!
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