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Sales Post! Lots of plush (including DX Plusle/Minun) + rare sleeping bag under the cut

Hey, everyone! I'm coming to you today with some sales. I've got a bit more stuff than I know what to do with, so these babies are looking for new homes.

•I was granted sales permission on 3/24/14 by allinia.
•My community feedback page is here

•I ship from Douglasville, GA, ZIP 30135
•I ship using USPS

  -Tracking is not included, but is available for an additional $1
•I will hold for 72 hours, please don't abuse this ;)
  -Priority is given to first person who commits to buy or leaves their PayPal address so that I may invoice them
•I live in a smoke-free home. I have a dog, but she is hypoallergenic, and she stays away from my plush
•I will ship within 3 business days
•I'm more than happy to take more detailed pictures of my merchandise (close ups, size comparisons, etc.), so please don't hesitate to ask!

All TOMY Plush: $13

Jakks Reversible plush: $12 each or $20 for the pair

Blastoise #1 (slightly damaged hang tag): $17
Mienfoo: $15
Squirtle: $15
Genesect: $23
Blastoise #2: $20

Kyun Charas: $15 each, will take $38 for the set!

DX Plusle/Minun Pokedolls, tush tag only.
$200 OBO for set
Will not separate unless there is confirmed interest in both of them!
Venusaur for size comparison only

Awesome Twin sized comforter that folds/zips into sleeping bag, featuring Pokeballs, Plusle, Minun, and Pikachu. Turtwig DX Pokedoll for size comparison only.

Old school MIP sticker sheets: $4 each or $6 for the pair.
Tags: blastoise, genesect, mienfoo, minun, pikachu, plusle, squirtle
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