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hello community!

I got accepted as a member today, and I'm eager to begin hanging around with my new status instead of a mere lurker.  I've picked up Pokemon merch here and there throughout my life, mainly from the tcg, but about August of last year I decided to become a collector for true when I started looking more into Pokedolls and other plush.  My collection has grown expansively since then (from around five plush to near two dozen!), but I have a few hard-to-find items I've been after for some time with no luck, so I'm hopeful pkmncollectors will be a good next step toward finding what I'm looking for, as well as keep up with what's being newly released.  Plus I get to make friends and admire the collections of others! :D

My username comes from the fact that Johto is the region closest to my heart, with Ecruteak being my favorite city, and the fact that I have a random yet all-encompassing love for Sneasel and its evolution (I've always liked them, but after training a power-house of a Weavile in White 2 developed a sudden but intense obsession with the line).  My favorite Pokemon of all time, though, is Scyther.  I've adored them from the very first time I saw their sprite in Red version more than 15 years ago.

My collection consists mostly of Pokemon from my favorite types--Dark, Ghost, Dragon, and Fire--as well as anything that resembles a canine, feline, or reptile.  If you want, please to check out what I've managed to obtain so far!  It'll give you a good idea of my favorites. :3

collection dark types
First up are those that are closest to my heart--my Dark types!  I absolutely adore nearly every Dark Pokemon.  The little Absol there is particularly special to me because Absol is my second-favorite Pokemon behind only Scyther, and he was the first Pokedoll I ever owned.  I can't remember how long I've had him now, but it's been years--he was a Christmas gift from some time ago (you should have heard the noise I made when I opened the box and saw him, haha).  Back then I had no idea about the intricacies of collecting, and knowing what I do now about their rarity I'm especially proud to have him in my collection.  Everyone else is fairly new in comparison, either sought out by me at conventions/online auctions or given to me as gifts.

collection legends
Next up are my legends!  Raikou is my favorite legendary of all time, and every time I look at my Pokedoll of him it makes me ridiculously happy.  He's lonely though--I've been hunting for a shiny brother for him for a year and a half now, but they're always either out of my price range, or within it but I don't have the funds at the time.  Giratina is my second-favorite legend, because not only is he a combo of two of my favorite things--a ghost dragon, come on how is that not cool--I love the story and lore behind him.  I'm so happy to have both his forms (even if my Altered Forme one has a bit of a llama-face thing going on, lol, you can't really see it from the photo but it's hilarious).

collection ghost types
And speaking of ghosts, here are my others!  I don't use them often in-game, but man am I fond of every single one!!  I want much more merch from this type eventually, but for the moment I'm incredibly happy with these fellas.  Spiritomb is so soft it's unbelievable.

collection miscellaneous
And heeere's nearly everybody else!  I'm so, so happy to finally have a Feraligatr, Totodile is my favorite starter Pokemon and I love to use gatrs in battles in-game.  I hunted for six months solid for one before finally seeing this one pop up back in November.  Luckily he was BIN--I have never flung money at something so fast. XD  And TYRUNT.  Oh lord is he one of the most perfect plush to ever exist.  If anyone reading this is on the fence about getting one, go for it--you will not regret it.

I do have to confess though--I have no idea what my Charmander is.  Near as I can tell he resembles an old Tomy 'mander, but you can see from the pic he's a lot bigger than the six inch variety I kept seeing as I tried to research what he might be.  I bought him myself an obscenely long time ago from a local comic shop but I can't figure out for the life of me what his company origins are.  I can tell he once had a tush tag but I don't remember what it said because it has to have been ten years since we cut it off.  Any input/ideas are welcome! (the white there on his tail is from damage, btw, he was damaged from the time I purchased him but he was the last one in the store and very young me didn't care, very young me loved Charmander and wanted a plush dangit)

collection customs
And finally for plush, here are my customs!  Houndoom I found from an auction (and I am SO happy I did, Houndoom is to date the only Pokemon to be my favorite two types combined, it's awesome to use in battle, and this plush is SO CUTE), but Feraligatr and Archeops I made myself!  I love to sew and making my favorite Pokemon is just icing on that craft cake.  Gatr'll get a few pattern modifications if I ever make another one, but Archeops turned out perfect on my first try!

So that's it for now I think, I have bunches of flats and other things but I believe I'll keep this intro to just my plush because that's mainly what I collect now.  Thanks for looking!  Looking forward to chilling around here. :3
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