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Collection gets and Almost there!

Hell o everyone it's been a while since I posted and I have acquired a few Pokedolls since my last update :D I do believe I owe feedback to some of you, I do apologize I can be quite forgetful :3 As you might know also I was on a quest to collect all the legendary Pokedolls they've made so far. All I require now are the Rotom Formes and Regigigas <3 So if anyone has a US or JAP tagged Regigigas I am most certianly interested <3 As usual my Grail and Grail Pokedoll wants are here. Anyways let's get started :D

First off are my newest additions. Clauncher and Clawizter. They were certainly ones I always wanted, I just fond them insanely cute especially Clauncher. His Pokedoll is so cute <3
Next up are the 2 Kalos Legendaries. They fit right in with my other legendary although I do admit Yveltal is my favorite of the two. He's hoping Zygarde gets a Pokedoll too
Next up are the Japanese Tagged Pokedolls. I finally got my hands on the Sword of Justice Trio so I'm really happy. Other than Deoxys, the rest came from SMJ. I always wanted a Duskull and manged to obtain one for a decent price. Piplup and Bidoof were just a lucky chance. Both were together so I thought why not <3 Normal Forme Deoxys was the final Forme I required so now I have all the Forme for Deoxys <3
Here are the tagless gets. Finally got my hands on Jirachi and Manaphy. I do hope one day I can acquire tagged versions of them both.
Next up is an Oversized Kyogre Pokedoll. I do have a soft spot for our dear Blue Orca so I jumped on the chance of getting him.
Last but not least is the American Pokedolls which just includes a little Notched Eared Pichu. I always wanted a little Pichu to call my own <3 Thanks every so much for reading and looking. In a few months I will have been part of this group for a year so I will do another post closer to the time <3
Tags: gets, pokecen, pokedolls, wants
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