RocketHaruka (rocketharuka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection uptade

Hello people!.

As expected, another collection update post because I´ve got a few items these days ^.^ Photos below!.

From papersnow, Lucario top pencil, Lucario mini cot and Plusle figureee <3. Thank you! :3333.

From...Burger King XD Pokemon toys, plushes and cards have arrived at last to Burguer King here in Spain *-* I got this cute Chimchar and... LUCARIO! I never found this card in spanish, at last I got it! *-*!.

From happyjolteon Received today!. Mew chou get, Solana pin(AHGGG IS MY FAVOURITE RANGER!), Plusle cup figure, Torchic&Eevee TFG figure, and Amada stickers of Riolu&Glameow. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!! *-*.

Now, I´ll try to get some Torchic, Latias and Shinx/Luxio/Luxray items, because these are Pokemon I like but my collections are small, specialy from the two last... I´m interested in the Shinx zukan, I´m looking for it for long ago x.x well, give me luck xD.
Tags: chimchar, eevee, glameow, lucario, mew, plusle, riolu, torchic
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