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~Shiny Sylveons, Grail Get, Pokedex's and Wants~

Small update!
First up is a secret grail~

Can you guess what it is? The only hint I'll give you is....it's magical.
SO! I had a very secret holy grail on my want list for a LOOOONG time. Though, I never physically put it up on my want page. Not for awhile. I just never thought I'd get it.... so why post it up? Ya know? I've been searching for many years. I never came across it, not on ebay, not on amazon, not even on here. My hunt for it died down as I haven't seen or heard any news of its whereabouts. This particular item is very old, it probably came out early 2001-2002. When Gold and Silver were at it's finest. It was only purchasable at the "Pokemon Center" in New York City. BEFORE it became the Nintendo Store in 2005. Then sometime last year, I saw someone post a want. A special want. One of a certain musical clock. They asked for it and easily gotten a link to purchase one ON EBAY!!! My spark for it came back. I can't believe I never posted about it on the community. I decided to put it up on my site in my "Holy Grail" section. I had hope to find it again. Not even three days in after posting it to my want list, someone pm'd me saying they had one and would be willing to sell it to me. O_O AAAAAAH! FOR REAL!? I can't believe it.

Here it is at the Pokemon Center New York back in 2002~

And if you want to see a video of all the playable songs, check this video out. Though, the lighting and sound doesn't do it justice! It is more beautiful and wonderful in person! You just gotta experience it in the flesh!

Just look at this! LOOOOOOOOOK! So my special pm came from happyjolteon not only did they agree to sell me this item. They also had a ton of Slyveon items I needed. ;3; This get is too good for words....I LOVE this clock. When I got it I was stunned. I instantly put it up. Bought batteries and sat there waiting for it to turn on. This clock is a phenomenal collectors piece. Not only is this clock classy, its so nostalgic for me and is the pure essence of a Pokemon lover. Its very big, sleek and just flat out gorgeous. The gears are so quiet and smooth. I can't believe what great shape it's in. Every time I look at it I think "Wow, this is about 10 years old." It features a gold and white (possibly representing Silver) Pokeball. All my guests think its just a pokeball clock until it opens up and surprises them. It slowly turns to feature Mewtwo, Charizard, Pikachu, Pichu, Mew and Celebi inside. All very fitting with the hype of XY. Behind them is a New York landscape. That is also very dear to me considering my boyfriend is originally from New York. We moved to CA for our line of work but now we have something to show us a bit of the big apple every hour!
Every time it chimes I stop whatever I'm doing and watch it. It hasn't annoyed me in anyway, it just brightens up my day. I always try to guess which song will play next. I love items like this, classy yet you still can tell what it is but you just have to take a second look.
Here it is in my living room. It's so hard to take photos down here due to massive sun light and the cream walls. It always comes out yellowish XD I put it in a spot where everyone in the room can see it. It's in a good spot where the sun doesn't always hit it, so even though its early in the day it doesn't turn on while we're at work due to the light censor. :D  Thanks so much for selling me this clock, happyjolteon it has truly brought me and everyone who visits happiness. <3333
Oh yeah, right next to the clock we decided to put my boyfriends original 150 tomy collection. We thought it was fitting. He's very proud of this since he's not really a pokemon collector. I thought I'd share. XD He's still after the golden Magikarp Tomy and the Art styled Charmander/Squirtle/Bulbasaur to match his second evolutions.  We put our food mascot vinyls a top it for some reason.


~Mini Sylveon update!~

I just recently painted my extra figures I had lying around! All hand painted shiny. You can see more individual pictures of them over on my Sylveon collection site in the "Figures" area. I'm so happy to have a splash of blue! They really pop! I'm just waiting on my attack kid and then I can paint that one too!

Another cool item I got recently is this trainer pokedex! It's amazing! It's just like the one in the show and it features Sylveon!

It open and closes, comes with a transparent plastic card to slide in. :> I'm very happy to have gotten such a cool item! I've always wanted a pokedex related merch for Sylveon.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.38.31 AM
I also have two of each of these Pokedex's, a box comes with three pokemon plastic cards, a pokedex and a piece of candy. They're a great item to have for any of these Pokemon collections! I'm asking for $12 shipped anywhere.

Number 2 box: Yveltal/Frogadier/Pikachu x2
Number 3 box:Chespin/Braxien/Bulbasaur x2 x1
Number 4 box:Fennekin/Quadlin/Mega Mewtwo Y x2
Number 5 box: Froakie/Dedenne/Squirtle x2

Speaking of shiny, here's a sneak to something coming soon. It's not done yet but its coming. I can't wait! <3333

My main Sylveon wants have been the same, my list has really shrank the past few months. :3 Here's the things I'm prominent about!

Pokecen Kid Can Badge

WHY!? Why is this so hard to get. I've lost it a few times in auctions and I don't EVER see anyone posting that they got one and or have one for sale. I'd buy those masterballs in bulk just to get this badge if anyone was even selling them. DX

Medal Collection (Gold) Variant Sylveon coin

*sobs* This coin....I've bought a total of 8 boxes! EIGHT boxes! Of this set with no luck....I'm drowning in coins...SOMEONE out there must've pulled one and is willing to sell it. I'm hopeful I'll get a pm one day saying someone found one. I'd even buy more in cases if someone knew where they were continuing to sell them. I can't find boxes of these anymore. They're just....gone. ANY help finding this would be amazing...

Lunch Time Promotion Pokecen Sylveon and Vee's Bottle Holder FOUND!


There are more over on my ~WANT PAGE~ You know me, if you have ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING of Sylveon on my want page or something not featured on my collection website. I want it. Be it flats, customs, something I've missed. Whatever! I want em. Show them to me here! I'd be willing to negotiate prices and I'm always willing to pay. <3 Thanks for your help!

More soon.

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