Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Princess ♔

A very exciting get !

Today I got an extremely anticipated get ! I couldn't stop squealing as I was opening it !

SHRIEK hell yes.

I FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON ONE OF THESE. I've always wanted a FollyLolly plush since I first set my eyes on one. Oh my gosh its SO WELL MADE. Like it's very sturdy, stands up on its own without any help. And very soft on top of it. I am extremely happy, money well spent <3

Ugh, gorgeous.

Well besides that amazing thing, I also got a few gets from killmeneko !

Really beautiful, jelly stickers, they're actually fun to touch XD

I fiiiiinally got one of these, it's been so elusive for me but yeeee <3 I do hope I can get one with cookies one day haha.

The Sylveon and friends wallet, its so pretty, I don't want to use it even though I really do XD So maybe I can get a second one some time, I really do need a new wallet haha.

And the double accessory charms, these actually have a little bit of weight on them I was surprised.

And this was from rahenna, FINALLY I have all 3 of these bromides haha.

OH and I can't forget about this !! This was from acidmimi Thank you so much doll <333
This mug is SO pretty, and pretty heavy, I'm keeping it safe in it's box forever <3

And that's all from me now, I actually have another very exciting get coming veeeeerry soon ovo
Until next time <33

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