jodie_kathleen (jodie_kathleen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Four months later and its finally here!

Its finally here! I pre-ordered a Fennekin pokedoll from Sunyshore back in December but it never arrived. I waited and waited and just before Gin went on vacation and sent her an email, but then decided to wait some more. Luckily, while she was on vacation, Gin emailed me telling me that my Fennekin pokedoll arrived back at her house in Japan and that she would re-send it when she got back.

And finally, it has finally finally finally arrived! It took a long time to get re-sent, but it arrived today and I couldn't be happier! I really needed something to cheer me up after the emotional day I've had. But, yeee, both my Fennekin pokedolls are perf!

I also got my new iPhone 5s phone case from Pokemon Center in the mail today too! I've been waiting for this thing for ages and its so cute! Its soft, but its not really squishy like silicone. I like it! I want to get more and rotate >:)

Anyhow, thanks for looking!! :)
Tags: fennekin, pikachu, pokedoll
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