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Weavile pokedoll - legit or fake?

I spotted this Weavile Pokedoll (2005 version according to the seller) on ebay. It looks good overall (again), but I raised my attention so much after my last sad bootie-buy, my substitute. ^^

One foot looks a bit twisted, can that be normal? And I also noticed the middle line above the yellow on its head is missing. Third, there are some chinese (I think) letters on the inside of the tush tag (wait...what?).

But... I googled and compared many pictures to this one, and also found some that have a bit twisted feet or are missing this middle line. Are there different editions? o.O Or could it be fallen off? :D

This one is also missing the middle line, but it's definitely a legit one (pic from - thanks for letting me use it <3).

I have to add that I ordered from this private seller before. It was my legit Turtwig canvas, though I know this doesn't exclude he may have fakes...^^

Thanks in advance! :)
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