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DS: Moving day getting closer so more things added to the sale pile :3

DS: Moving day getting closer so more things added to the sale pile :3

I will post internationally, but it can be expensive so keep in mind before asking :)
Shipping can be estimated here: http://www.postoffice.co.uk/price-finder
Buyer to pay paypal fees
Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on December 12th, 2012


I am not sure of the current market rate of these so I just googled, if I am way out please show me and I will consider offers :)

Derpy looking pikachu, play-by-play ufo catcher prize - Free with purchase of any other chu or $5 (he probably isn't worth the postage on his own, poor derp)

2010 World Championships Hawaiian Pikachu - good condition but not mint, tag is bent $35

Pikachu with snowman, loved condition, no tag. I have no price reference for this at all so can only presume really rare so will ask $40

Yokohama Sailor Pikachu,
no tag, loved condition  $25
Plushies 1

sudowoodo banpresto $15
dialga pokedoll $15
mini pikachu with sucker & tag $20
lilipup with tag $10
cake chimchar $25

Plushies 2

Condition as seen, feel free to ask any questions or make offers, $10 each
Books and stuff

Magazines - $2 each
Annual 2013 - $5
Lapras Pokemon Time Pen
- used, ink seems to be dry and some light scratches - $10
Movie String tie plastic bag -
sealed in packet so not sure how it looks or how big, looks like it is like a plastic gym bag if that makes sense - $15
Japanese 'pun/joke/comic strip' books
- very colourful & well illustrated one page cartoons and corners have a 'pokedex' style entry. I think this is like Japanese play on words , needs a really good level of Japanese to understand though I can read it just about but don't 'get' most of it- $10 each
Plastic Cup -
never used to drink from but lightly scratched as stored pins and things in. $10
Giratina Tin - sweets eaten long ago but tin still in ok-good condition $7

Figures and stuff

tomica pokebus $20
eevee $7

clafairy pokebell $7
other $2 each

Pokemon cards

Sorry if you can't see properly this is the best pic I could get

Wanting to sell as a set for  $15, may be a total misprice as I have no idea the value of cards haha.
They are in good condition but don't have individual protectors.

I also have some Japanese kids magazines for sale, some of them include pokemon articles or comics but they are not exclusivity pokemon orientated so please can a mod let me know if I am allowed to post those?

Thanks everyone <3
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