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Ebay seller review

Hi I have read a few people were concerned with seller hobby_japan on ebay I just wanted to help a few people who were worried by showing off the items I received. I brought these off ebay, Hobby_japan on the 19/03/14 they arrived today 12/04/14 in the Uk. On ebay the expected delivery was 6-16th econometric international shipping. Everything is perfect except the fact I had to pay customs. When items are valued over £15 you have to pay customs. Next time some one just suggested I buy the items individually postage cost more but should be less then customs fee.  Hobby_japan were friendly and replyed quickly to querys I had. I origanally brought two fennikin pokedolls, my ebay app automatically paid for them without waiting for invoice of combined shipping. I explained to Hobby_japan the problem and it was also going to buy more items. They held my fenikins until I purchased second lot of plush and deducted extra postage I paid off new invoice. Which I thought was nice because it was my fault for setting p ipad app that way. All the plush came in pkmn enter bag and the small key ring came in mini bag so all real. Tags great condition and I even got some free stickes for new movie which had jirachi on bonus!!!!!!!! (I collect jirachi XD) anyway hope this helps some of you who were worried (I was starting to)

Tags: pokedolls
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