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Hey guys.. Sorry for my second post in one week but this week has been exciting for me.  First I got my SSS gets and at the same time i have got a grail. Now i sometimes think the word " Grail" Is kinda overused. It should mean for something super rare and hard to find like the pokemon centre giants, or certain pokedolls or whatever. This one counts. Oh boy...

Last time i posted a pic of this...

You probably guessed who it is.


A Salamence Pokedoll.

Of course it took me 3 years since i have been in the Community to obtain such a rare pokedoll. I honestly feel I have accomplished something great.

Story time.

I joined the comm back in 2010. I already knew i was to be a dragon collector as i have been a fan of them since Red. I loved the diversity of the Dragon type. They can learn all sorts of moves and were one of the best types back in the game. These days, they are a lot more in balance now with the inclusion of the fairy type. Anyway back then i found certain collectors who were also dragon collectors. Most notably happyjolteon and , techno4tomcats. These two inspired me to collect dragons full time. Both of which owned a Salamence pokedoll. I learned from various posts and sources that Salamece was released in Japan only in 2003. Way back in the AG era of pokemon. A time when pokemon was in a sort of down time. Despite a lot of merch released many pokedolls from this generation and indeed certaon gen 3 pokedolls are considered  some of the rarest . Such as Absol, Corpfish, the fully evolved starters and Salamence. Even now in 2014 many of these dolls can fetch $200ish on ebay.

So I figured I would never even see a Salamence pokedoll. A few times I have seen them. One was in a lot on Y!J but was quickly claimed when the lot was GAed. Sometimes i'd find one here on the comm, but could either A- never afford it or B not shipping to the UK. Then I saw chain's offers for one. I had to at least try. It took a small bid war but I won him. Im very grateful that he allowed me to do a payment plan.  So after a few weeks of tracking the guy... and waiting a week to collect him from Parcel force.. here he is.


He is so chubby.... so fat..... so Salamence.

I cannot describe my feelings right now

If you want to know... the only ones I know on the comm who own this guy are


And now me. I feel like i am in a select club or something. ( i Know i missed a few members who own one so let me know and i will add you too the list. I hope the members don't mind me tagging you)

Finally meet my new baby


My very first shiny Dragon. He has no name yet but he is my baby. It took me 3 eggs to hatch the guy. He isnt a dragonite yet but soon.... soon..... I got super lucky btw. I bet it will take a lot more eggs to duplicate that and get a shiny Salamence or something!!
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