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Sylveon auctions reminder & massive sales update!!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that my Sylveon auctions end in a little over 24 hours! Auctions end TOMORROW at 5PM PST! Up for auction are a really cute Sylveon and friends drawstring bag as well as a large hand towel! You can click this link or the pictures to be transported to the auction!

next, I received a giaaaant box from FJ today!! i purchased the lot for a few specific items, so all the extras are up for sale! There are a LOOOT of figures/keychains added as well as a number of plush!! please come check out my sale! I reaally need to get a bunch of these out of my room, so please feel free to make any offers, especially on the figures!

you can click this link or the banner below to be transported to my sales!


lastly, i got some reaally exciting things today!! *u* please come check them out~

first off, my Sylveon Banpresto plush fiiiinally came in and I was able to finish my official plush collection! This picture is actually missing a few things that came literally right after I snapped this photo!

Haha, as you can see, I've had to move my Emolga plushes.. Sylveon is seriously taking over the whole shelf! I'll have to move the rest of my electrics soon! o; I just really like those little shelves for displaying figures, so I'm a little reluctant to move the rest of my electric babes.. New items also include the talky figure, the follylolly large plush, and the Sylveon plastic keychain!!

I also got a thick envelope FULL of sticker sheets from the lovely mitchichen! I positively adore all of them.. I got some Entei sheets, Emolga stickers and of course, Sylveons!!

Yaaaay! My bed is usually never clean enough to spread out all my gets to display them, but today is a rare case (I only had about 1/4 of my bed free for this photo haha!) Cute glassware and stickers! o; This box literally came right as I was about to hit the 'submit' button for this post, haha! I got my hands on the plate and mug set~~ one is for me, and the other one is going to go up for auction/sale soon!!

I also got that cute stackable Sylveon cup as well as a bunch of stickers and cards! *u* The seller included some cute freebies, including a little Sylveon and Pikachu sticker and the Umbreon, Jolteon and Oshawott clear Kid set! o; They also included a little note in Japanese, but I can't read it..

I also got a set of these really cute stackable tins!! Of course, I had to get them for my cute little Emolga~ I'm super excited about these! They're sooo cute. I really love collecting tins!

As always, you can check out detailed photos of everything at my collection website!

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