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Custom Jewelry sales! ^_^

Hey comm! I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! The sun is shining here, as I sit indoors with a sprained ankle! :'D
The irony.
Anyhoo, I gave my SSS a custom Bulbasaur necklace from my Etsy store, and there seemed to be a bit of interest. Therefore I figured why not share my jewelry with the comm? ^_^ There are always so many AMAZING customs here, it's unreal! I would be glad to do a trade as well if you make custom plush, or other art. Partial trades are also welcome!
This way I can lower prices (also due to the fact that I won't need to add Etsy fees), and give the comm an opportunity to get some customs that can be worn. <3  Also, I do custom orders. I've done literally more of less the entire Pokedex, so if you don't see a Pokemon you love, it can be made! :D I made jewelry from upcycled kids and other figures, trading cards, Pokedex pictures, anime episode clips and more!

Link to my Etsy store: You'll find I also have a lot of non-pokemon items. Please feel free to combine with any of my sales items here!

An older promotional vid I did. ^_^

More info under the cut!

Here are my sales rules, as usual! ^_^ Please note that for this post, international shipping is a little different!
Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 48 hours - unless we're made a special agreement.
-Minimum of 4$ purchase.
-Shipping starts at 4$ for domestic purchases - even for flats, as I will include tracking (and for flats toploaders / sleeves)
-Shipping for International purchases starts at $7.50 - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, more if I have time.
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!

More info about the jewelry:
Everything I use is nickel-free allergy safe materials unless otherwise stated.

Prices and what to take into consideration:
-Material cost. (For ex: a kid might cost $5+ and I have to take that into consideration)
-IF you send me your own pokemon card, or kid, prices for customs will be lowered considerably! :D Users such as dezi_kitsune have done so! ^_^
-Material's shipping fees. (It costs money to ship the materials to me, too!)
-Time used on the piece. (some pieces like the beaded necklaces with kids take a looong time.)
-Sometimes the popularity of the Pokemon (but usually not, most of my pieces cost the same based on the above rules)
-For customs, there's a start fee of $5 normally but for comm members I will lower it to $3. :)

Straight sales!

Price on etsy:$16 + depending on length.
Comm price: $12+ depending on length.

Price on etsy:$14.85 + depending on length.
Comm price: $10+ Depending on length.

Trading card necklace:
Price on etsy:$16.50
Comm price: $13.50

Figure Necklace:
Price on etsy:$13
Comm price: $9.50
See pictures being worn:

IMG_1230 (2)

Price on etsy:$20 + depending on length.
Comm price: $17+ Depending on length.

PLEASE NOTE! Sending these bead necklaces literally has cost me $9.50 - $10 to ship, so shipping on these is a lot higher outside of the US. However I will use recycled materials to make it as cheap as possible! :)
Price on etsy:$29+ depending on length.
Comm price: $22+ Depending on length.


Wigglytuff SET. NOTE: You can also choose Jigglypuff, as I have a Jigglypuff kid! :)

Price on etsy:$29 + depending on length.
Comm price: $18+ Depending on length.

Price on etsy:$13.50
Comm price: $10.50

Price on etsy:$16.50 + depending on length.
Comm price: $12.50+ Depending on length.

Special Edition shiny Sylveon necklace!
Price on etsy:$27 + depending on length.
Comm price: $22+ Depending on length.
I make a lot more items, and if you see something you like in my store, I'd be glad to give you the comm price, depending on what it is. ^_^ <3
I also make: bookmarks, tins, pill boxes,cell phone charms, jewelry sets and more!

Tags: bandai, cyndaquil, eeveelutions, espeon, espurr, jigglypuff, sylveon, tcg, umbreon, vulpix, wigglytuff
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