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~SSS and gets~

I actually got my sss gift a few days back, but I've been far too busy to make a post ^-^' This was my first year doing the swap and it was tons of fun! lots of pics under the cut!

My secret swap was keekswaffle! They drew some cute bat-dragons on the package >w<
inside the first thing I saw was a super cute note, and behind it was an amazing drawing of a bulbasaur, my favorite pokemon!
Here's everything that was in there!
I'm in absolute love with that patchwork bulba ;w; I've been wanting the keychain plush for ages! And I'm super happy to have the glaceon moncolle+ MIB, it's easily one of my favorite glaceon figures!! And more saur kids! I couldn't be happier with my gifts!!!

I really enjoyed doing this swap, it was exciting getting that package and wondering what was inside :D

For some other gets, I also received some more saurs for my collection in a trade from mastershambler!
I especially love those dice figures, I actually expected them to be much smaller! So happy to have more wonderful saurs to add to my collection ;w;

I also got my first custom plush in the mail this week, a glaceon beanie from Follylolly! I hope to get the other glaceon plush from them eventually as well, it's absolutely gorgeous ^-^

I hope to add quite a few more custom plush to my collections in the future ^v^

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