pokemonzukan (pokemonzukan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction + Recent Gets

Hi everyone!
I joined this community a few months ago, but I decided to finally make my first post! =) I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since it came out. I used to collect Tomy figures when I was a kid, but I stopped after first gen. When I went to Japan for the first time in 2007, I discovered Pokedoll plushes and fell in love. I bought a few there and then stopped, haha. It was only recently that I started to collect again -- mainly Pokedolls and Kid figures. I do plan on keeping my collection relatively small, only focusing on dark types and other pokemon/products that catch my eye :P.

Some recent gets from Sunyshore =)

Pancham Pokedoll :) One of my favorites :>

Gold Magikarp

Whimsicott Substitute Plush for my friend

Other Gets

I won this in a lot of figures. I wasn't aiming for it, but when I got it I fell in love. It's so awesome.

My most recent get: Japanese Yveltal Pokedoll!!

That's all for now. Hope to participate more in the community in the future!

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