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Overdue Intro + Collection Post

Hello! My name is fueki and this is my long overdue intro post. (:

I joined around late last year but I haven't done much of an intro since I didn't have much to show off and I'm really bad at starting conversations. ^^; I've been into the pokemon franchise since I was about 9 or 10 around when the GB color came out and I played Red and Silver on those. I used to play a lot with my cousins, but I fell out of playing pokemon for a while even though my brother played the third generation. I got back around when DP was released and played BW and BW2. I'm still a really casual player, though.

I never collected much pokemon, let alone any kind of collection, but I had a few tomy figures, some of the older cards and a few play-by-play plush (including a pikachu backpack) I won in Vegas. They are now no longer with me sadly. I really miss the tiny beanie plush I had that came from a claw machine, which were sold by my mom at a garage sale. I even got two in one go once. I'm not sure what those were but they were so adorable and I really miss the bulbasaur I had. I'm hoping to one day come across these again.

Anyways, when I moved to the east coast a couple years ago, my boyfriend brought me to the Nintendo World in summer of 2012 and I was in heaven~ XD It was also the first time I discovered about pokedolls, if you can believe that, haha. The main plush I kept walking back to was the large Lugia plush. I was so glad to have been there at the time because I never would've had a chance like that again. Since then, that pretty much set off my collecting syndrome of wanting more. However, my plush have been in a storage bin for the longest time.

I've finally been able to get a shelf for myself in the tiny room with my boyfriend and got around to putting everything up ... and then reorganizing it all AGAIN by colors. Not all of my plush are displayed, however, since I was limited to four shelves. ):

Anyways, enough about me. Scroll on to see my collection~ ^_^

This is the whole setup I have. Before, it was just set up all willy-nilly and until I decided that I noticed I had about an equal amount of warm versus cool colors so I got to reorganizing and took these pictures last week.

Starting at the bottom, we have the warmer color plush. Poor delibird has to hold up a lot of plush. Off to the side, I have the Pancham clearfile I got from rahenna. (Ugh, that smile just kills me inside. <3)

Second from the bottom is my mainly-Dragonite collection. :D I love this little guy and I'm sooo glad I have the pokedoll of him. He was one of my "grail" wants since I haven't seen any pop up for auction in a while. Now my goal is to get one with the hang tag. Raichu and Pikachu fit well here and I'm glad I got Raichu. He's so fun to pat on the head sometimes. :D I also really love Cherrim and I'm trying to get my hands on the canvas with the tag.

(And yes, Link gets to be out in the open with my plush. <3)

Next starts off the cooler colors with blues and greens. Reshiram and Zekrom get to stay here since there's no room at the top. I'm hoping to make/get a riser for the back plush somehow for this shelf since Croagunk is way too hidden in the back. ):

Now my other favorite shelf mainly due to ... Lugia! :D I'm so happy I got my hands on the shadow lugia pokedoll at the same time I got Dragonite (another "semi-grail" for me <3). The two Lugia pokedolls are the Japanese 2012 (left) and American 2012 (right). I'm hoping to get the other pokedoll releases as well. I also really love the Absol and Wailord. Banpresto's "I LOVE" line are really great and super soft. <3 I was surprised how big Absol was, too. Also, poor Mewtwo and Cinccino. I really wish there was a way I can show off the back plush more. I'm glad I can see Espurr at least.

And that's about it. :D

As you can see, my main focus have been Lugia and Dragonite but with so much merch, I've pretty much settled on just their plush and a few other little things I find interesting. I'm in the process of getting more Pancham and Pangoro merch, though. I've always loved pandas in general, but I really fell in love with him because of the toothy smile he has. XD He's now my main active collection, but I need to figure out a way to display what I'm getting next month. ^^; My other side plush collections I would love to get more of are Vulpix, Growlithe and Cherrim. Otherwise, I just love getting pokedolls and plush of pokemon I like. :D

I hope you enjoyed reading my intro and I hope to become more active here. ^^
(Sorry my post is so wordy and rambly. I have a horrible habit of writing lengthy posts.)
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