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Crazy Grimer Lady

Pokemon dominoes, keychains, and key covers sales! Also eBay lots!

Hello all!

Today I have some interesting items for sale!
Items include dominoes, keychains, and key covers.


Sales permission given by Allinia on March 15, 2013
my feedback is here.

Please read the rules before buying.
I have updated these due to recent transactions.

I accept Paypal

Prices are in USD only
I will hold for 48 hours

Negative feedback will be left if you commit and back out.
I ship from Washington state USA
I can take better pictures when asked. :)
Shipping domestically in a box is about $5.80 w/ tracking, $4.12 in a bubble mailer, and about $2 for flats in a bubble mailer.
Shipping Internationally in a box starts at $16.15 and can go up depending on location. In a bubble mailer it is $6.55.

Please don't ask me to change the cost of shipping. I calculate shipping by weight and size.
Payment is due 24 hours after committing or Haunter will get you! Lol

Pokemon key covers $5 each.
(pikachu/raichu are glow in the dark)

Sold: pikachu/raichu, bonsly/sudowoodo,

Pokemon Lure Keychains MIP
Likitung $10
Poliwag $10

Blue Pokemon Dominoes $3 each


Red Pokemon Dominoes $3 each


Green Pokemon Dominoes $3 each


Yellow Pokemon Dominoes $3


Now my eBay lots the comm might like!

For those who are interested, here is more info on each lot and their direct link.

Heartland Giant Kyogre MWT BIN $5000 OBO

Pokemon Figure Lot Auction @ $100

Keshimon Pokemon Figure Lot Auction @ $60

Pokemon Plush Lot 1 BIN $630 OBO

Pokemon Plush Lot 2 $470

Pokemon Plush Lot 3 $960 OBO

Pokemon Plush Lot 4 $425 OBO

Pokemon Bell Plush Lot Auction @ $50 Reserve @ $500

Pokemon Kutakuta Lot Auction @ $0.99 Reserve @ $250
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