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Small Collection Update

So it seems like I'm always waiting for that one ( or two, or 16 :) thing (s) so that I can do an update worth mentioning. Alas, if I keep waiting I will undoubtedly never update- so here it is! My little baby collection of happy shiny Pokemon goodness.
Edit: added pictures of recent items

Mareep is <3
Reversible Pokeball Plush from lineaalba, Beenie Plush and all Tomy (bootleg?) figures from Ebay, kid from Mamoswine, both cards were freebies from the awesome community members here- many many thanks to all of you!
Not pictured: more Mareep and Ampharos (possibly bootleg) Tomy figures. I just try to get ahold of all the little figures I can because they're so cheap and cute wether or not they're official (plus, there are so few Mareep goods that I'm happy with anything I can find!).
I am desperate for the Mareep UFO plush and well, anything else Mareep.. so if anyone knows of anything for sale please let me know!
Oh, and YAY!! for Mareep Zukan coming out soon. YAYAYAYAYAY!!

Dragonite is my other favorite Poke. The BK keychain, Tomy figures, and V-Trainer are all from Ebay. The clear Dragonair figure and the all orange Dragonite figure are from Grrrowly. The rolly stamp is from Juumou and the flat stamp is by way of warandromance (all paper goods for the first week or so after I got each of them were covered in Dragonite- yes, I'm just that lame :). Stickers were a freebie from someone here (thanks you!) and they are soo awesome.. I still need to find the perfect spot to stick them.
Missing from this: NIP Dragonite and Pokeball figure (he goes inside it and pops out?), NIP Powerball bouncer, etc.
Of course, I haven't found any Dragonite plush for sale. I know they exist, although very rare, but I'm heart broken without even one. Again, if anyone comes across a Dragonite plush of ANY kind please please drop me a line!

Plusle just sort of happened by accident. I found one figure and thought it was too adorable to pass up and viola! I've got only a few here, but a bunch on the way. Jakks figure + little sticker found at TJ Max, Kid + sticker found on eBay, Wobbler from Warandromance.
Soon to be: Pokedoll, Beenie plush, hollow figure, and more.

Here are some of the kids all together with many more on the way. I don't even know where they all came from, but most are from community members and I thank you kindly for upping the glee factor in my life!

Here is the beginning of my Pokemon board game collection a Yahtzee type dealie (with Pippins, of course). Just received: Pokemon Monopoly which is in perfect condition and so much fun to play.

I traded in my old DS lite and a bunch of old games and equipment and got this for like.. nothing. So, that was a pretty awesome coo.

Not pictured: Piplup plushies, teenie Turtwig collection, BK toys, and a lot of Misc. figures that I am more interested in trading/selling then keeping.

Edit: here are the newest Tomy (and misc.) figures I've acquired.  The Masterball + Dragonite, Plusle mini plush, and bootleg Mareep/Ampharos figures from eBay.  The Piplup sticker + badge, Dragonite Pan sticker, and small Plusle hollow figure all from Happyjolteon.

Sorry for all that writing for such a small amount of stuff, I just wanted to try and mention everyone I could remember buying from. Also, a general Thank You to all community members for being such cool people and fostering such a warm environment for all of us to share our Pokemon love.

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