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Quick psychic type and misc sales!

I have a bunch of things from Japan for sale today! This includes plush and charms from UFO catcher machines, random goodies from vintage shops, and some leftover things from previous posts that I wanted to include.


Shipping starts at $6 anywhere in the world!

I'm in Japan and on a tight schedule, so payment and shipping deadlines are decided.
Payment is required by Monday, April 14th at 11:59pm - all packages will be shipped out on the same day. No holds this time, sorry!

If you're only committed to certain items, please specificy that you're only committed if certain or all items are available.
Priority goes to commited buyers over quotes.

Sales permission was granted in 2010 by lineaalba.

Psychic Type plush!
Wynaut: $12
The rest are sold!

Vibrant rubbery charms! You can clip them to eachother. :)
Meowstic M, Meowstic F, Gardevoir, Jynx: $8 each
Wobbuffet is $4.50.
Slowking is sold!

Meowth: $32 shipped.
The rest are sold!

Eeveelution bag

Hand embroidered Sylveon/Eevee towel

Umbreon stamp & Espeon stamp: $12 each
Eevee stamp: $10
Pikchu stamp: $3.50

Sylveon: $10
Helioptile, Dedenne, Fennekin, Dragonite: $6.50 each OBO
Meloetta (Aria), Minccino, Mewtwo: $5 each
Excadrill is $4

Meowstic (Lucario, Fletchling, Talonflame, Bulbasaur, Chespin): $8
Dedenne (Xerneas, Wigglytuff, Spewpa, Rhyhorn, Furfrou): $4
Marill (Scatterbug, Spritzee, Chesnaught, Snorlax, Yveltal): $4
Inkay and Sylveon are sold!

Rare vintage pins!
Moltres: $8 each
Lugia pin: $12
Gastly, Kabutops: $8 each
Slowbro: $6.50
Articuno is sold!

Smoochum Tin: $10

Lugia sticker: $5
Chikorita movie picture frame: $6
Koffing booklet: $3
Gloom booklet: $5

Manectric: $3
Glaceon, Leafeon lenticular cards: $6.50 each
Giratina, Palkia, Uxie lenticular cards: $3 each

Mega Evolution pins!
Mega Garchomp, Tyranitar: $4.50 each
Mega Aggron is sold!
OR I will trade either for Mega Alakazam. :)

Fennekin & Braixen pins: $4.50 each
Fennekin coin: $3.50
Froakie coin: $2

Wobbuffet, Snubbull, Regigigas, BW Starters: $2.50 each

Metal Swing Charms
Porygon, Seel: $2 each
Doduo, Magnemite: $1.50 each

Pikachu laying metal swing charm: $2.50
Pikachu round metal swing charm: $1
PIkachu/Pichu pin: $3.50

Dragonites are all sold!

Gabite: $5
Arcanine is sold!

Gengars: $8 each
Ditto: $4

Charmeleon: $2.50
Voltorb: $3.50
Growlithe: $6.50

Squirtle, Sandshrew: $1 each

Uxie mini figure, Charmander bobblehead: $1.50 each
Dratini (a bit of wear): $1

Togepi, Voltorb, Chansey stampers: $1.50 each
Dratini, Growlithe mini figures and Eevee chibi stamp: $3.50 each

Plastic Mini Pikachu binder

Tags: eevee, espeon, gardevoir, jynx, malamar, meowstic, sales, slowking, slowpoke, sylveon, umbreon
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