okgod (okgod) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Fake shadowless cards?

While sorting through my cards the other day I found a few shadowless cards, but they look a little wonky so I wanted a little help on identifying whether they're fakes or not!


Here's a "shadowless" raichu next to a normal raichu, and a "shadowless" ponyta next to a normal ponyta (shadowless on the left). With the raichu you can see that the colors a little darker on the shadowless card, its especially noticeable on the energy signs. The shadowless ponyta though has lighter colors, pay attention to the readability of the HP. I have several other shadowless cards of both this darker and lighter variety too, so they're not just one offs. I only found out about what shadowless cards are just a few days ago, so sorry if the legitimacy of these seems kind of obvious, any help is very appreciated :D
Tags: cards

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