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Plush Sales Anyone? + GA Status Update

Hi collectors!

Still got all these plushies that I need gone. My storage room looks like a mountain of boxes now, lol.

- All the latest community rules apply.
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on April 11, 2013.
- Feedback is located here.
- I will not sell to members with multiple negative feedback!
- Priority goes to whoever commits first! Quotes do not count as being committed!
- All prices are before shipping.
- When asking for shipping quotes, do not give me your zip/post code unless you're in Australia.
- A deal can be struck for multiple purchases so please feel free to let me know what you have in mind.
- Haggling is allowed, but please be reasonable.
- I can accept trades, although I need the money more. My wish list is here. If you are willing to part with a Porygon2 PlushPlush, I am willing to take things out of my own collection for it.

- My home is smoke-free but pet-friendly (one dog). My dog does not enter my room though so all items are out of its reach.
- My room catches quite a bit of dust.
- Please do not hesitate to ask about their conditions/tags/etc. I will try to be as detailed as possible and can provide more photos upon request.

- I ship from Australia and do ship internationally.
- Overseas shipping is generally expensive so please keep that in mind.
- I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items once they are out of my possession.
- I usually ship via regular Air Mail. If you require tracking/insurance, please let me know beforehand.
- You are free to combine shipping with others in the same country as you to save on shipping costs, but only those with sales permission should be receiving other people's items.

Pokemon Center Large Celebi (tush tag only) - $10
Tomy Talking Marill plush (please inquire for more info) - $10 Sold!

Tomy laying Plusle beanie plush (not sure about its condition/with hang tag) - $10 Sold!
Summer UFO Manaphy plush (tush tag only) - $8
Squeaky Tomy Pikachu plush (tush tag only) - $8 Sold!
Banpresto Empoleon plush (tush tag only) - $10
Banpresto Mantyke plush (with hang tag) - $6
Banpresto Meowth plush (tush tag only/poor condition) - $2
Banpresto Tranquil plush (tush tag only) - $6
Unknown Pokeball "stress ball" (no tags) - $5

Takara Tomy Totodile plush (tush tag only) - $10 Sold!
Banpresto Mesprit plush (tush tag only) - $10
Banpresto "I Love Marine" Lapras plush (MWT) - $15 Sold!
U-mate shaking Shaymin Sky Forme plush (have yet to test vibration/tush tag only) - $5
Takara Tomy Victini plush (tush tag only) - $8
Banpresto Chimchar plush (tush tag only) - $6 Sold!

Pokedolls!!! (all with tush tag only)
Giratina Altered Forme (some slightly loose threads) - $20 Sold!
Giratina Origin Forme (stitching a little loose near tip of the tail) - $20 Sold!
Rotom (2008) - $20
Riolu - $15
Turtwig - $15

All are tush tag only.
Torchic Canvas - $15 Sold!
Whimsicott Pokedoll - $30 Sold!
Togekiss Pokedoll - $30 Sold!
Rayquaza Pokedoll - $20 Sold!
Notch-Eared Pichu Pokedoll - $40
Buneary Canvas - $15

Takara Tomy Shiny Oshawott - $450 OBO

Jigglypuff Pokedoll (JPN version, no tags) - $100

 photo null_zps806dc444.jpg
MWT 2009 Halloween Promo Duskull Keychain Plush - $40 OBO

 photo null_zpsd47c019a.jpg
Luxray UFO Plush (tush tag only) - $80 OBO Sold!

 photo null_zpsbd6e6d63.jpg
Mystery Dungeon Chimchar plush (tush tag only) - $45 OBO

DX Munchlax Pokedoll (tush tag only) - $120
Note: Cost of shipping this plush will most likely be higher than a regular plush due to its weight.

Yawarakai DX Mewtwo (tush tag only, excellent condition!) - $70

UFO Salamence (MWT 2004 version) - $60 OBO

Politoed UFO Plush MWT - $60

Vulpix Canvas MWT - $90 Sold!

Lottery Pichu Plush - $95 OBO

Ichiban Kuji Pikachu Plush - $70 OBO

DX Substitute Plush MWT - $80 OBO

Lottery DX Zekrom - $25 OBO

Lottery Meloetta Plush MWT - $50

PokeCen Red Genesect Plush MWT - $30
PokeCen Mewtwo Plush MWT - $30
I <3 Pikachu Fuzzy Pikachu Plush - $35 Sold!

Ichiban Kuji Lottery Kanto Starters Set (Original plastic not available) - $23 each or $50 for the set!

Eevee Pokedoll (2008) MWT - $55 N/A

In regards to the Kalos Starters & Friends GA, miniokami has just informed me that it has just been paid for. Sorry that it took so long. There was a little mishap with the calculations but Allinia has helped me to sort that part out. Thanks for your patience with this.

That's it. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask :)

Thanks for looking and happy collecting! :)

Note: I'm going to sleep for now so I'll reply when I'm up :)
Tags: banpresto, jigglypuff, oshawott, plush, pokedoll, sales

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